Ostukott Ornamental New Baroque Vaata suuremalt

Ostukott Ornamental New Baroque

10,80 €



Materjal: Kangas
Mõõt: 16x14x16,5cm
Artikkel: OR01

Rohkem infot

Praktiline ostukott lukuga.Kerge voltida kokku ja sulgeda trukiga. Valmistatud taaskasutatud plastikpudelitest Kõrgekvaliteediline digitaalne print Tugevdatud õmblused Ostukott kannab 20kg raskust Mõõt 46x41cm Traditional in appearance, progressive in features. The EcoShopper is for those who want more out of their shopping bag, while remaining true to existing aesthetics. Holding amount of two plastic bags, and equipped with zipper it helps keep content of your bags secure. The unique material made from recycled PET bottles help to reduce waste and saves money. With EcoShopper in your pocket you don’t need to pay for plastic bags anymore.

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